Baliem valley festival one of the culture events that can be use on option for visitors to visit baliem valley festival Wamena Papua Indonesia in year 2023. 
Baliem valley festival is every August in a Year. So that reason, for 2023 will start about on 8th-10th on August in Welesi District of Jayawijaya Regency Wamena Papua.
The Baliem Valley Festival in this highland called (Pengunungan Tengah) of Papua. Therefore all activities will performance such as
Performance the Archery competition,
Performance the Throw spears,
Performance the Tribal War,
Performance tribal Dance,
Performance tradition music called PIKON a kind of mouth harp
Performance the adolescent habitual Music Witawo
game for the youth’s maturation called Sikoko and puradan,
Traditional cooking with hot Rocks- barbecue and so more. 
 You will see and learn when you are here.

What you go to see

  1. Indigenous People of Dani Tribe, Lani tribe and some of Yali Tribe and also you will see such as Korowai, Asmat, other place in Papua . its depend on your aim of go visit.
  2. All Traditional festival
  3. Daily life and actives
  4. Beautiful landscape, views, or panorama
  5. Animals, or flora and fauna