Korowai Tribe is where people living on tree houses perched 10m to 20m high as refuges against animals, enemies, floods and mosquitoes.

Interesting visit them and see their life style build house on the tree, hunting, trapping, fishing, capturing Ulat Sagu and Sago cultivation is for their basic food. The life style is wild environment and it hasn’t change.

Trekking korowai walk in the jungles with muddy and slippery trails though hot humid jungles witnessing tribal life. They have often some of prearranged festival.

Collecting Ulat Sago in  the forest. (Korowai Culture Tour)

Visit the Korowai & Kombai Tribe where people living in middle of jungle and building house on the trees called (tree houses) meeting friendly, Cannibal tribes.

9Days 8 Nights Korowai Culture Tours

Welcome photo in Korowai Village

Special interest for visiting different tribes in Papua is Korowai Tribe. Visit Korowai cannibal people where a tribe living in lowland tropical rain frest in southern in Papua.

12Days 11 Nights Korowai Culture Tours

Momuna Tribe in Papua

Momuna Tribe in Papua (Momuna Jungle Trails Tour)

We are an experienced tour guide for Momuna & Korowai. Momuna is a small population people living in the middle forest build a houses on the tress called Tree house. Daily for the their survival running to the jungle hunting and sago cultivation. Sago is a king foods for lowland / coastal people.

6Days 5Nights Momuna Culture Tour

Asmat Tribe

Asmat Tribe is one of tribe living in south area in Papua. Asmat tribe separate two deferent population is who living in close to the coast and other where people living in the highland which has different to other in way of life such as organization of social, ritual, this is you will see based on their activity  woodcraft or woodcarving.
What you see there:  culture tours, visit Lorentz Nasional park, visit culture tours such as woodcarving, panel, salawaku, persai, waromon, traditional boat, bow and arrow, musical instruments.