Info Hiking To Trikora Mountain

Baliem Valley hiking to snow Trikora Mountain 4750m western of Wamena. Start and finish in Wamena Town.
Trikora Mountain hike across to the Danau Habema. Danau Habema is a beautiful lake west of Wamena as the crow flies, sits amid alpine grassland at about 3400m above sea level and with dramatic.
We are Baliem Valley local guides welcome to beautiful baliem valley; we can lead you to Trikora Mountain adventure.
What’s Documents you bring
 Passport
 Camera
 Note book
 Pen
 4 photos each person size with 3×4

What you pack
 Mountains hike shoes
 Sleeping bag
 Tent if you are 3-6 people
 Rain coat
 Warm clothes
 Power bag
 Extra camera betray
 Light
 Toilet paper
 Mosquitoes antibody
 Flash light
 Extra clothes
 Sun block
 Small money IDR
 Medicines
 Trekking stick if you need from your home, but your guide will create wood trekking stick on the way trek.
 All are pack in trekking bag with cover competed

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and overnight in the Tent

Approximately 7-10 Days spending on these trails. We create program will allow you to discover and enjoy to the Trikora Peak. Don’t aster your time! Pack your backpack and jump on the plan. We’re waiting you with open arms.