Dani Culture Tour and Trekking

They are group of fighters. and Warriors Dance

Welcome Baliem Valley in Dani homeland visit a rich cultural way life. One day we opportunities for you to watch the Dani regalia cultural such as visitor visited. Our highlights of performances are never change. Here are features of performance;

  1. Tribal Mock Fighting
  2. Tribal dance
  3. Traditional dance
  4. Fire Friction “make fire with Rotan in dani Traditional technique”
  5. slaughter a pig by bow and bamboo arrows
  6. Cooking traditional foods “Sweet potatoes with fruits and vegetables”.
  7. Souvenir “ they local people the sell their unique handicrafts”
The process of Bakat Batu in Dani Traditional way

You will watch the procedure go to fighting with traditional guns bow and arrows and on same time you will watch Dance by group of dani women. The other day, we offer you for best hiking & trekking around Baliem Valley.

Points of program

Day one       :  Sentani-Wamena city tour

Day Two      :  Trekking southern of Wamena

Day Three   : Traditional Tour Eastern of Wamena

Day Four     : Culture tour and hiking tour north of Wamena

Day Five      : Wamena to Sentani