Baliem & Yali Tribe Adventure

Mountain Adventure in Yali Country Eastern of Papua

Green with blue beautiful mountains where hiding in (Negeri Papua).  Extended mountain adventure in Yali countryside is eastern of Papua or half of Western Papua New Guinea. Yali Adventure thought along authentic escapade.  If your hobby is mountain adventure experienced in other countries but it’s not heave exciting activity please go to Baliem Valley make a huge adventure in Yali Tribe. 

There are stunning green and Blue Mountains view as well as visit Yali community where are staying on the mountains also build houses on the ton. They stay close to nature and jungle. They still have with their own traditional tools.  Yali tribe also strong on their traditional way of life. Dinner and overnight in their wood roofs huts. There are a lot of different variation plantation for their survive.

The road condition; great go up and down on the hills and mountains, Slippery, Dirty path, wet plus muddy and rain forest rocky path. 

What you see there; Indigenous ethnic group, unique traditional houses, plantation, animals, waterfalls and the beauty of views or landscape. 

How to get here

You might to arrive in Baliem Valley Papua. You take Your international flight to Bali Indonesia or Jakarta Indonesia and takes next Indonesian flight to Sentani Jayapura Papua and to Wamena by connected flight. From Baliem Valley to Yali Tribe by plane (charter plane) from the Yali Tribe start with your adventure back to Baliem Valley.

The daily itinerary you will get when you touch us. Let us talk about your adventure to Yali green and blue mountains where its hide in land of Papua.