Baliem Valley Tribes

Wamena City; Wamena is a capital of baliem valley highland Papua

when if you arrive in Jakarta or Bali International Airport you can continue to Baliem Valley Papua. So Jakarta/Bali transit to Makasar and you will arrive in Sentani Airport Jayapura Papua to Wamena with your connected flight.

Dani Tribe

Dani Tribe in Baliem Valley Papua

Baliem Valley tribes are who living behind the mountains in Papua. Their life style hasn’t changed for the countries which offer tourists with a glimpse of the primitive way of life. It’s captivating to watch the daily activities of this friendly simple people, learn about their traditional and beliefs and to mingle with them.

Baliem Valley is a home of Dani people. Lani people is living in the northwest of the Baliem Valley. After that, Yali people is living east-southeast of the Baliem Valley.

Yali Tribe

Yali Country Beyond

Yali tribe is a ethnic group in the mountains highland of Papua.  Yali tribe is inseparable from the Dani Tribe. The Yali people still related with Dani Tribe. The traditional house of the Yali tribe form a round shape with a roof using bark or leaf of coconut. One house for one family and one house one room but two floors. The room including   for the living room, meeting room, kitchen however second floor for bedrooms used for everyone

They make fire in the middle it’s in neither first floor nor second floor. Why they still still make a fire in the second because room can be warm. Their daily activities farming and go to hunting in the jungle.  For more information you know when you visit them.   


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