Baliem valley is most popular for the hiking & trekking and culture tour destination in Papua and the most accessible place in the central. The dani people who live here were still independent on tools of stone bone and wood when the first white men (Natural history expedition led by American Richard Archbold) change upon the valley in 1938.

Baliem valley three big different famous tribes they are Dani Tribe, Yali Tribe and Lani Tribe and more tribe living the overdue of green Highland.

However Baliem Valley is a home of Dani people. Lani people are living in the northwest of the Baliem Valley. After that, Yali people are living east-southeast of the Baliem Valley.

The dani have since adopted various modern ways and new beliefs, but the valley remain one of the world’s last truly fascination, traditional area.

The Valley is about 60km long and 16km wide and bounded by High Mountain on all sides.

Wamena is a capital city of the Baliem Valley. Wamena since the 1980S has become one of the tourists destination for both is foreign tourists and domestic tourists who love visiting natural scenery, mountain tours, trekking, cultures tours adventure tours, and ethnic tour.

Wamena sits at its Centre at an altitude of 1550m. The powerful Sungai Baliem running through the Valley escapes through a narrow gorge at the southern end to lowland sea, then drops Papuan’s southern coast. Amid this spectacular scenery, the majority of the Dani People still lives close to nature, tending their vegetable plots and pigs. They live in unique traditional of circular thatched huts called Honai

(Option 1)

All Package included pig festival with Dani People

Baliem Valley is sweet home of Dani People have powerful culture and still using traditional tools. You can visit in  their village , if you take one of this tour package.

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Welcome to the Dani Village, Photo during the Greeting hands

5 Days 4 Nights 

Culture Trekking Tour and the hiking & trekking

Trekking Tour, Culture tour pig Festival in Dani Traditional Village experience not forget.

  • Minimum 2 guest
  • maximum 10 People
  •  and Solo Travelers

Friendly Man from Dani Tribe.  Photo during the Pig Festival in his village.

4Days 3Nights  

Easy Day Hike Tour 

Baliem Valley Authentic Day Tour and pig Festival in Dani Traditional village (Culture Tour)

  • Small Group 2 to 5 People
  • Middle group 5 to 10 People
  • Big group 15 People
  • Biggest group 20 People
  • and Solo Travelers

Cooking in earth oven  during the pig Festival in Dani Traditional Village.

Culture Tour (Pig Feast) meeting tribal people in the their unique villages.  Learn more about different histories of the culture.


3 Days 2 Nights  

Easy Day Hike Tour

Baliem Valley Authentic Day hikes tour and with pig festival in Dani Traditional Village.

  • Small Group 2 to 5 People
  • Middle group 5 to 10 People
  • Big group 15 People
  • Biggest group 20 People
  • and Solo Travers

(Option 2)

Option  2 program is the best hiking & trekking without pig festival. 


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Photo start trekking in the southern of the Baliem Valley.  This is a experienced trekking team

5Days 4Nights 

Baliem Valley the best Hiking & Trekking southern of the Baliem Valley and north of Wamena.

  • minimum 2 people
  • Maximum 5/6 people
  • Solo Traveler

Baliem Hanging Bridgewhich is a mall memorial to a Japanis Tourist and His local Dani Guide who drowned and get die. Their body never found. 

4Days 3Nights 

The best hiking & trekking southern of Baliem Valley

  • minimum 2 people
  • maximum  10 People
  • Solo Travelers

Trekking Photo Landscape. Ibiroma stunning views is never sleep. Jump to the Baliem Valley and  visit Ibiroma unlimited photos of landscape.

6Days 5Nights 

Baliem Valley authentic adventure tour deep south region

  • Minimum 2 people
  • maximum 4/5 People
  •  and Solo Travelers