Baliem Valley and Raja Ampat

Day 1: Bali-Sentani Jayapura-Wamena Baliem Valley  

on the day one, you  will start from Bali fly to Sentani Jayapura Papua. Before arrive in Sentni you will transit in Makasar and get in Sentani Airport of Jayapura and then you will fly to Wamena by connected flight.

We will pick you up at Wamena airport based on your arrival time, drive to Hotel.  Go to arrange your travel permit in police office, back to the Hotel. And Rest/Free Time.

Dinner in the restaurant and over night in the Baliem Pilamo Hotel.

Day 2: Culture Tour Pig Feast in Dani Traditional Village

On the day two, you will make culture tour in the northern of Wamena.

So the feature of the activities will be:

  1. Tribal Mock fighting
  2. Singing traditional songs
  3. Traditional folk dances
  4. Traditional fire light friction
  5. Kill a pig by bow and arrow 
  6. Cooking sweet potatoes in hole ground with burning rocks
  7. Souvenir; they will put on the market to you their unique handicrafts such as Traditional bag (Noken), penis gourd called Koteka, bracelets and many body accessories and many more traditional tools. Therefore you can selection if you like.

Lunch in the village, after culture festival  back to wamena. 

Dinner in the restaurant and over night in the Baliem Pilamo Hotel

Day 3: Trekking southern of Baliem Valley

After breakfast leaving to sogokmo by car 40 minute. Sogokmo is southern valley closed Baliem River, make 20 minute walk from sogokmo town to a hanging bridge beside which is a small memorial to a Japanese tourist and his local Dani Guide who drowned and get die. And then we will walk where a last view point and Back to the sogokmo. Continue to Wamena.

Lunch in the way, Dinner in the restaurant and sleeping in the Baliem Pilamo Hotel. 

Day 4: wamena to Sentani-Sorong Raja Ampat West Papua

Wake up, breakfast, hotel transfer to Airport takes flight from Wamena to sentani and we will continue with connecting flight to Sorong. Arrival sorong, airport, waisai harbor, transfer hotel.  City tours

Day 5: Day tour in Raja Ampat

Piaynemo, trekking to top of Piaynemo, start logon, aborborek, tourism village and sand back. Back to the Waisai. Lunch on the way, dinner sleeping in the waisai

Day 6: Day tour in Raja Ampat

Birding trip and visit agro tourism and Blue River. Accommodation in the waisai

Day 7. Waisai to Sorong 

So after breakfast we will leave to sorong to jakarta



Price Including

  1. Tour Guide /for me
  2. Transportation for rent car
  3. Foods 2 time (Lunch, Dinner) but breakfast including in the Hotel.
  4. 3 Night sleeping in the Baliem Pilamo Hotel.
  5. Bottles of mineral water plus fresh fruits
  6. Cultural tours ( Tribal mock fighting, traditional dance and cooking food )
  7. Entrance fees (Mummy, and Cave)
  8. Special travel permit
  9. Accommodation in the Raja Ampat
  10. Meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the Raja Ampat
  11. Speedboat, rent car, local guide, and ticket waisai to sorong.

Price Not Including

  1.  Dinner and sleeping when you in the Bali
  2. All plane tickets ; Bali Baliem Valley, Baliem to sorang , sorong to Bali
  3. photo trekking, souvenirs
  4. any present for villages kids,
  5.  Laundry, Internet,
  6.  Rapid Test
  7. Snorkeling equipment,
  8. If you buy any souvenir from Raja Ampat you can buy your own money
  9. Laundry, Internet,
  10. Tipping