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Hello Dear Travelers My Name is Onesius Lokobal from Baliem Valley Wamena Papua. I was born in this area. I'm a local guide in Baliem Valley. I working for my own tour company called "Baliem valley Tour Guide & Travel Agency, Wamena Papua Indonesia. My Language focus: Indonesia-English and Dani Region Language. My Tours Offer; Best Hiking & Trekking, Culture Tours, Caving Tours, birding trip and other more will allow your proposal. The Place to Bring You a.Baliem Valley Dani Country: -Southern of Baliem Valley - Northern of Baliem Valley - Western of Baliem Valley - Eastern of Baliem Valley b. Trekking out of Baliem valley -Yali Country / Yali Tribes - Lani Country c. Other Place In Papua Sentani Jayapura Korowai Tribe (Tree House) Momuna Region of Korowai Tribe Asmat Tribe Raja Ampat West Papua Biak Nabire And other place to together