D1. Arrival in Wmana Balliem Valley

On the day your arrival time in Wamena Airport our  and driver, they  will pick you up and direct drive to Baliem Pilamo Hotel. In this time also we go to arrange your travel permit in Police office Wamena. After obtain travel permit we will go to visit indigenous people in Jiwika village including a hundred year old mummy called Wimontok Mabel. You will see and know history when he alive. The community will accept you hospitality also they welcome you in Dani Language (wah wah wah) other than carefully with photo shooting to them. Therefore ask them before you go photograph.

A Hundred Years old Mummy in SonpaimaVillage jiwika Wamena Papua.

After finish with mummy as well as local people, one of next interest you have to know is SALT WATER WELLS in hills rain forest. Thus from Jiwika to Salt water wells one and half hour or 2 hours. You will watch and know how dani people create banana salt or banana cultivation in Dani Traditional way.

Baliem Valley, salt Water wells called ElueAImo Wamena Papua

Then back to the Wamena.

  • Lunch on the way (Lunch Box)
  • Dinner in the Restaurant
  • Sleeping in the Hotel.


Trekking to the south. Today we can go to south of Wamena the valley. From Hotel to Sogokmo by car. You will start trekking after get off from transport. Therefore from Sogokmo you will pass to Jetni River, Kurima to Klise. Klise is where you will accommodation in traditional grass roof huts. All through the long way you will hike on the hills and a road is foots path.

Klise Traditional (Honai) Guest House  Grass Roofs Huts, Rooms are available for 2-4 people.

At 3pm you will still hill hike Stunning Ibiroma views with other villages you will see when you are standing on the last high hills.

Klise Beautiful Views, you can come here and cover all stunning side southern end.

  • Breakfast in the Hotel
  • Lunch on the way (Lunch Box)
  • Sleeping in the Klise Village

D3: Klise-Kurima-Ugem


In the morning after breakfast move to another village called Ugem village. From the Klise walk down hill to Kurima and cross a suspension bridge continue to Wesangma  Ugem.

  • Lunch on the way (Lunch Box)
  • Dinner and sleeping in Ugem village.

Kurima Suspension bridge it’s main road

D4: Ugem-Seima-Sogokmo-Wamena

After breakfast back to Wamena, we will start trekking from Ugem to walk down hill to Seima, Hulesi, Sogokmo. Before arrival Sogokmo, you will cross a Baliem suspension bridge. A suspension bridge which is a small memorial to a Japanese tourist and his dani guide who drowned and get die. Then 20 minute walk to Sogokmo. Sogokmo by car to Wamena.

  • Lunch on the Way (Lunch Box)
  • Dinner and sleeping in the Baliem Pilamo Hotel.


After breakfast we will drop you airport, you can take flight to Sentani Jayapura and next destination. 

Price is including

  1. Local English speaking Guide
  2. Porters
  3. All Sleeping (2 nights in the villages and 2 nights sleeping in the Baliem Pilamo Hotel.
  4. Foods for all day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), coffee tea or juice
  5. Transportation or rent car
  6. Entrance fees for visit mummy and salt water wells
  7. Bottle of mineral water
  8. All transportation
  9. Travel permit

Price is not including 

  1. All plane tickets and airport tax
  2. Shopping Souvenirs
  3. Present for kids in the Villages when you hiking
  4. Personal needs like details (Laundry, internet, any more you want to buy special love one)